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VW Jetta in Driving Report

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VW Jetta in Driving Report

VW Jetta in Driving Report
VW Jetta in Driving Report

Because of backpack-Golf – the new VW Jetta presents an elegant and spacious than ever before, emancipated itself clearly from its hatchback-base. Driving impressions of the new VW Jetta.

VW Jetta Golf floor pan

Fact: The VW Jetta was the bottom group – including the relatively short wheelbase – the Gulf and still get dragged along an ordinary satchel in the rear. Balanced limousine proportions look different.

Nevertheless, the body style Golf worse not offered in all generations neat place, a trunk and a monstrous unagitated image. It does not even have the years under the pseudonyms Vento and Bora change.

After 9.6 million copies sold VW sends six generations into the race – first in the U.S., from 11 January is also us. 

Here as there, nine inches longer than its predecessor, built five years, the currently-selling VW in U.S.. No wonder that the New was developed with a view to U.S. customers, such as technology-Board Ulrich Hackenberg stresses. 

The extra space in the VW Jetta is not flowing as usual elsewhere only in pedestrian protection or cosmetic, but will significantly benefit the inmates.

Volkswagen Jetta with seven inches more wheelbase

Seven more inches of wheelbase to improve ride next to the same time, the legroom in the rear. There, waiting for a convenient molded Bank to all who appreciate the absence of strong retracted roof curves in favor of an ordinary space available, including lofty headroom. 

Behind it reaches almost to the sprawl and safe for the certainty that in the optically elegantly integrated luggage travel with up to 510 liters of luggage (predecessor: 527 liters) without flap noise pressure and wrinkles. 

If you can not satisfy it, fold-down rear seat still provides the shared development of reserves.

To make the journeys as the everyday life pleasant, we agreed from the spring elements without disturbing hardening, remained close to the famous golf-balanced style. 

Even the United States provided for the waiver of the usual multi-link rear suspension in favor of a cheaper torsion beam counterparts (Golf IV, until 2003) is not perceived as a shortcoming. 

For the European market holds the more expensive VW wheel control still essential here is to be the VW Jetta positioned even higher than in the most price-sensitive U.S., where it increases with Toyota Corolla sedan and Co in the ring.

PS 200 – most powerful engine for the VW Jetta

U.S. will remain the exclusive extra thorough diesel emission control in two-liter TDI by NOx storage – in part because they need ultra-low sulfur fuel. Thus it creates the Clean Diesel to undercut any strict U.S. limits easily. 

We thoroughly familiar comes under the hood of the Puebla / México Jetta. The number five cylinder remains in the U.S., Europe turbocharged four-cylinder 1.2 TSI from massage to the 2.0 TDI the large up to 18-inch front tires. 

The strongest is the 200-hp two-liter TSI that gets going as strong as cultivated and proves that he fits into a fine sedan.

At the other end to save the two 105-horsepower base engine, for which there is the Blue-Motion-Technology Package with start-stop function and recuperation. 

The larger petrol engine and two TDI switch for optional double-clutch DSG gearbox with six or seven courses. 

Even the small engines should be sufficient to break free of sporting attitude, for help with fine-usable torque, to the 4.64-meter-long sedan Jetta to relaxed character. 

Finally, it should be not a Golf derivative, but a new car, such as design chief da Silva stressed.

VW Jetta Passat could make competition

Consistently surrounds the VW Jetta’s driver and passengers that is, the VW-style in the current family design, precipitated by simple operation. 

The apparent cost hard plastic envelope for U.S. yields in Germany befitting structural surfaces. Such armed might of the Jetta in Germany even go to the VW Passat to the plate.

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