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Fuel Saving Tips, Saving Our Environment, Saving Our Money

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Fuel Saving Tips, Saving Our Environment, Saving Our Money

The following is a brief tips save fuel and save the environment. The following tips can be applied to all types and brands of cars because of the different technologies that exist only in the car. Basically, there are two tricks to save fuel. 

Namely relation to the preparation of vehicles and also how to drive because driving style affects fuel consumption by 20 percent. But the ultimate in fuel economy is regular servicing in accordance with usage guide.

These are the parts in preparing for these vehicles:

  • Do check tire pressure regularly, at least once a month. Adjust the load to be transported.
  • Remove the accessories that interfere with aerodynamics. For example, a roof rack and bike rack. This completeness can reduce the value of aerodynamics up to 60 percent. Without the rack, the driver can save fuel consumption by 10 percent.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses in the cabin and trunk. There is a habit that the owner sometimes let stuff that is rarely required to remain in the car. For instance, tool boxes, beverage boxes, or personal equipment. When all is removed, then the fuel can be saved up to 3 percent.
  • Do not use electronic features that are not needed. For example, in tropical countries like Indonesia, heated seats obviously an extravagance. Cabin Conditioning (AC) if it is not necessary to reduce the burden of a car engine, or select the cooling mode the most lightweight.

And here are the driving techniques that can save fuel:

  • Turn on the machine and proceeded to move. No need to warm up too long, because modern technology makes the machine to work right away when cold conditions.
  • Be a driver who “see far ahead.” That is, pay attention to traffic conditions you are going through. For example, if the front was a traffic light has turned yellow, immediately reduce speed. Likewise if there appeared to be a queue. If you have time, listen to traffic information before traveling.
  • Note the style of driving through the information screen in the car. Some of the latest car models, have been equipped with gearshift indicator and fuel consumption in real-time. This indicator would lead you to move the teeth in the most appropriate time, and maintaining engine speed at the most efficient fuel flow.
  • Lift the foot of the gas pedal as early as possible when they wanted to quit. This will directly reduce the supply of fuel to the engine.
  • While waiting at traffic lights, railway crossings or in a traffic jam, turn off the engine. This is a basic principle of technology start / stop automatic saving fuel.

Economic Acceleration

Latest tips how to do an economical medium acceleration.  “The principle is to hold the position of the teeth as high as possible. Then, hold the gas pedal 2/3 full when accelerated, until the desired speed is reached. Do not lower the transmission gear.”

Fuel Saving Tips, Saving Our Environment, Saving Our Money
Fuel Saving Tips, Saving Our Environment, Saving Our Money

For example, the BMW 320i manual transmission, acceleration of speed of 50 km/h to 100 km/h by using the teeth 5, to 10 percent fuel savings compared to using a tooth 3.

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