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Knowing Car Engine Condition from Spark Plug

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Knowing Car Engine Condition from Spark Plug


Many ways to know the state of the engine. One of them can be seen from the color and condition of spark plugs. If you have spare time this weekend, try to open the spark plugs and notice, if such instructions below?

Brown: In the electrode slightly grayish brown signs spark plugs working normally, but approaching the lifetime limit. We recommend that you replace the new.

Yellowish: Engine overheated, so the temperature and pressure in the engine rises drastically. Check engine cooling devices.

Obsolete: Spark plugs worn with a little pile like a crust on the electrode. Busi has been condemned and need to replace new.

Reddish: electrode layer peeling with reddish color, but no crust. Machines have overheat, check the heat range code and engine cooling devices.

Coral: There are a heap of charred crust and colored electrodes. That is, setting the fuel is not true. check the supply of gasoline and other electrical devices.

Melt: The electrode melts and looks burnt, due to the spark plug with incorrect heat range. A leak in the engine component that causes the lubricant also burned in the engine room.

Thick crust: a thick crust piled up on the spark plug electrodes and the head caused by poor fuel consumption. A leak in the seals on the valve that makes lubricant seeping down to the spark plugs.

Wet: There is a residual lubricant on the spark plug electrodes and the head, suffered engine detonation. Check the ignition timing or use the fuel according to engine specifications.

Crooked: Electrodes attached to the head caused by the piston hit the spark plugs. Check the engine’s internal components.

Stuttering: the car stalled and sudden death. the possibility of coil hot car. Immediately turn off the engine and compress coil with wet mop.

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