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2012 Cadillac XTS Reviews, Specifications, Features and Performance

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2012 Cadillac XTS different from 2012 Cadillac ATS although from the outside looks almost same. For specifications of 2012 Cadillac XTS is a plug-in hybrid engine, with exterior features an aggressive but dynamic, beautiful interior features and excellent performance. 

Will replace the Cadillac STS and DTS vehicles with new 2012 Cadillac XTS concept. This new high-tech vehicles may be a good choice in the luxury sedan market.

It will share a platform with the Buick Lacrosse popular. This all-wheel drive vehicle is expected to be available in spring 2011 as the model 2012.

Specifications 2012 Cadillac XTS

2012 Cadillac XTS Reviews, Specifications, Features and Performance
2012 Cadillac XTS

  • Engine: Platinum concept version that debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show has, 3.6-liter 350 horsepower V6, a plug-in hybrid engine.
  • Car safety features: antilock brakes, stability and traction control, airbags
  • Suspension: suspension magnetic ride control technology that allows the driver to select a sportier or softer ride.
  • Warranty: probably will have a four-year/50, 000 mile basic warranty; five-year/100, 000 mile powertrain warranty and roadside assistance; six-year/100, 000 mile rust warranty

Details about the acceleration, price and fuel economy will be available as release date approaches.

Exterior Features 2012 Cadillac XTS

2012 Cadillac XTS concept car has an aggressive but the aerodynamic exterior. This vehicle is longer than the cadillac STS, and shorter than the Cadillac DTS. 

This vehicle has a LED light and vertical taillights. Lamps using Adaptive Forward Lighting, which allows to turn on lights when the vehicle turned a corner, which allows drivers to see farther. 

Vehicles have been twenty-inch wheels with Bridgestone tires and chrome grille.

Interior Features 2012 Cadillac XTS

2012 Cadillac XTS concept car has an elegant interior that can minimize the use of buttons and levers. The instrument panel looks completely black until the vehicle is turned on, then the screen lights up to show the instrumentation. 

A touch screen is used to access the vehicle features that were previously adjusted with buttons. Leather seats offer plenty of head and leg room for both front and rear seat occupants.

Performance 2012 Cadillac XTS

The 2012 Cadillac XTS is still a concept car, but likely will be released, perhaps with some adjustments, as vehicle production model in the spring of 2011.

This concept was released with a hybrid engine and continuously variable transmission; other engine options can join the lineup for the final production.

Plug-in hybrid version will be able to fully charged in about five hours, or less if connected to high voltage outlets like the people who planned to filling stations will be built in major cities across the United States.

Like most hybrids, the vehicle will be able to run only on electricity at times to combine electricity and gas engine power for quick acceleration, and vehicle will be able to run on engine power alone. The 2012 Cadillac XTS is not yet available for road test yet.

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