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Dangers of Air Bubbles in Car Radiator

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Dangers of Air Bubbles in Car Radiator

Dangers of Air Bubbles in Car Radiator
Dangers of Air Bubbles in Car Radiator

Almost all modern automobile engines use the water-cooling system to maintain the hot temperature. So, water is the “blood” that distributes the heat from generating sources to the final disposal.

The problem, no air bubbles seldom appear in the path of cooling water. Could disrupt the incoming air pressure inside the system and ultimately disrupt the engine cooling water task. 

Greater risk of overheating engine due to a position between the components in the cars are now more tightly.

Air can enter the radiator cap when opened and closed. Air exists between surface water and radiator cap. In addition, air can also exist because the radiator cap condition was not good.

On the radiator cap, there is a functioning valve airflow from the reservoir tank when the heat and sucking water from the reservoir to the radiator (when cold).

How to expel the trapped air? Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the engine temperature is in a cold state.
  2. Open the radiator cap. Turn on the machine (for water circulation). After that, enter the water to the mouth of the radiator and stop if it is full.
  3. Cover again with a perfect radiator.
  4. After that, open the lid air dischargers. Dischargers closed position every different car brands. Its location can be seen in the vehicle owner’s manual.
  5. Note the water coming out of valve. If there is scum, then it indicates there is still air in the cooling path. That is, you have to keep doing this process until that comes out is water without foam.
  6. Check the amount of water in the tube resevoir reserves. If not, add up to a maximum limit.

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