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2011 Audi TTS Coupe Review & Ratings

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2011 Audi TTS Coupe Review & Ratings

2011 Audi TTS Coupe
2011 Audi TTS Coupe

The Audi TT Coupe and TT Roadster are real sports cars in a compact format. This applies also to their street properties. 

They react very spontaneously and guidance, they take all kinds of curves at high speeds with little movement of the body. 

Their treatment is precise, stable, and secure. The car is the recognition of their generous time limit, with mild understeer.

Audi uses a McPherson structure with arms for the front axle. The spindle bearings, the subframe and the transverse joints are made of lightweight aluminum. The subframe is bolted to the body which gives the forward structure with high rigidity.

The rack-and-control functions electromechanical electric pulse, which depends on the speed of the vehicle. 

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He combines precise, firm, direct steering feedback with minimal sensitivity to excitation from the ground. 

It is also very efficient because they do not have any pulling power when driving straight ahead. It has a sporty and direct ratio of 16.9:1.

The four-link rear axle is used with both front-wheel drive and Quattro models. It offers an ideal separation of longitudinal and transverse force absorption points. 

The longitudinal arm, take the drive and braking forces and relatively soft mounts provide good ride comfort.

The updated TT Coupe and TT Roadster will be on the German market debut this summer. The prices will change only slightly: The 1.8 TFSI is from € 30.200 – € 200 more than before.

The standard equipment list reflects the character of the TT: It is spacious and offers all the comfort that want a sports director. 

Some highlights include the audio system “chorus”, a system and driver information – in the TT Coupe, automatic climate control. 

There is also a wide range of security systems. It includes a built-in restraint system, automatic three-point seatbelts for all seats, with belt tensioners and belt force limiters on the front, two front airbags, two head / thorax side airbags and ISOFIX child seat anchors.

The onboard computer efficiency program also comes standard in the TT. It displays all relevant data consumption in the central display and gives drivers tips for economical driving. 

The integrated gear-change indicator changes the right gear. Another feature provides information about vehicle systems such as the climate system, their energy consumption and its impact fuel consumption.

Particularly noteworthy opportunities the park to facilitate include anti-theft alarm system for monitoring the inside, supports the hill start, LED interior lighting package and the Cruise Control system. 

Available options in the infotainment include the Audi Music Interface (AMI) for the connection of a mobile player. The “concert” audio system integrates a 140-watt, five-channel amplifier and nine speakers, the “Symphony” system also contains a six-CD changer.

A Bluetooth interface, mobile phone preparation and voice control for simple telephony. Two optional MMI navigation system in which the brand operates logic guide drivers to their destinations.

The higher-quality version has a DVD player and displayed a 6.5-inch color display, the 3D maps.

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